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Letters received from avid Ghost Story Club readers from around the world. Send us yours!

Gentlemen -
As a 45-year-old who gel paints and does calligraphy, let me compliment you on your strip. The art work is superb. I can paint and do calligraphy with a little skill, but I study your art with admiration.
- Phil T. Waco, Texas

Just wanted to drop a line saying that I enjoy reading GSC to my little brother everyday, it’s his favorite. Anyway, I saw the
offer for the tattoo and I just know that my little bro would love to have it! Thanks, we really enjoy the strip, and look forward to many more months of fun with GSC!
- Robert C. Minneapolis, MN

Hello Ghost Story Club,
I like your stories. They’re very cool. In fact I think they’re great. I wonder can you make one about a Phantom of the theater?
- Sincerely, Daniel A.

We did just that, Daniel, and we'll post it online soon.

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