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Dear GSC:
The Ghost Story Club is the best comic strip in the newspaper. I read it every Sunday. I like those kind of stories, they are the best. I wish you would come out with a comic book of the Ghost Story Club. If you did, please send it or if it has a price please send me the price. Thank you.
- Marty H. West Valley, UT

Dear Mr. Zullo and Mr. Kulpa,
I am writing to you
because I really got into your cartoon Ghost Story Club when I was visiting my Grandma in Denver and I want to ask you do you think you could put GSC in the St. Louis Post Dispatch? Thank you very much,
- Your friend Jennifer E. St. Louis MO

Dear G.S. Club,
I really love your comic… Some of the stories are really good, and even though I am 21 and in college, your comic is put in the bathroom walls to be read…seriously! Keep up the good work, and we’ll have the entertainment in our place o’ deep thought…
- Constant reader, Becky R. Indiana State University

Thanks Becky! We are relieved to hear that GSC's put to proper use in the restrooms.

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