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Hello Ghost Story Club,
I realy love your comic, those kids have the craziest adventures with the ghosts and goblins.
- John M. Kansas City, MO

Ghost Story Club:
I am a fan of the GSC and think there should be a membership card. If there already is a card, please send me one.
P.S. This letter
should go directly to Jasmine!
- Jonathan L., Tulsa, OK.

Dear G.S.C.,
I enjoy reading your stories everyday on the Trinidad and Tobage Newsday and I love everyone in it. I would really like to join your club so that I can be a part of this exciting and awesome club that’s so hot. I would really like you to send me a newsletter and some of your tattoos so that I can show my friends how great you really are; I’m sure they would agree.
- Ryan W. of Trinidad West Indies

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