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GSC logo was turned into a tattoo transfer and sent out to thousands of newsletter subscribers who signed up for the Ghost Story Club.

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Unnoticed by most cartoon historians, GSC may have been THE first syndicated comic strip to "Photoshop" special effects -- including actual photos.

Dick Kulpa worked a full time job and drew GSC evenings and weekends for 146 weeks!

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'Phantom Skateboarder' Mon - Tues

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At the time this strip was produced Dick Kulpa's 14-year-old son was busily attempting to break his arms and legs learning how to skateboard.
Kulpa also paid homage to his all-time favorite Marvel Comics character, the super sprinter "Quicksilver," by featuring character Zack in a green t-shirt and white thunderbolt, reminiscent of Marvel's Silver Age superhero. It was THAT character which transformed Dick into a comic book fan and eventually, a full-fledged comic strip artist.

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