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typical comic strip mat sent to newspapers by syndicates
The Ghost Story Club comic strips, like all other syndicated comics, were mailed to newspapers on a six-up sheet. Editors would trim each strip and lay it out onto the full comic page pasteup.That must have been a fun job!

Writer Allan Zullo created a 'nutty professor' whose name contains the same letters — in different order — as the artist's real name. What a coincidence!

Captain Cartoon caricature artist logo

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'Phantom Skateboarder' Wed - Thurs

extreme skateboard stunt as shown in this comic stripStrip shows skateboard accident
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Captain Cartoon is heavily influenced by the works of Silver Age Marvel Comics artists Dick Ayers, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, and hints of those influences can be seen in some of the poses and actionshown above. A stickler for originality, the Captain never purposefully "borrowed" from other artists. However, some things simply flowed subconsciously as drawing commenced.

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