Meet the Ghost Story Club Cast:

Zack meets a beanie genie
ZACK (left): The all-around hip boy.

Jasmine does her martial arts thing
JASMINE: Amerasian girl with a dark side.

Marcus attacked by giant bee
MARCUS: You never knew what to expect.

Abby and her virtual friend
ABBY: Zack's mischievous younger sister.

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ghost story club logo

'Phantom Skateboarder' Fri - Sat

skateboard adventure - comicstrip
boy meets phantom skateboarder

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Concerns of moderation and "political correctness" prohibited the GSC team from really going "all-out" with truly scary stories. However, when an entrail, brain-part or some other scary feature actually made it through, Ghost Story Club membership requests for that week doubled over the weekly average!
Unfortunately, that's also when little old ladies started complaining to their hometown newspaper editors.
A radical proposal by Captain Cartoon, which would have turned GSC main character Jasmine into a real witch, turned Marcus into a computer expert, left young Abby as a plain kid and have Zack killed in a skateboard accident only to return to the club as a ghost, elicited cheers from a focus group, and remains under consideration.

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