Ghost Story Club Roster

GSC's four charter members as they are today — teens!

Zack Ghost Story Club
Zack died in a skateboard accident in 1998, but rejoined the Ghost Story Clubas a real ghostlast year!

Jasmine is a witch
Jasmine went on to become a bona-fide witch, with a black belt to go with it.

Marcus is a computer expert
Marcus has become a full-fledged computer genius! He joined forces with Jasmine to materialize the late Zack back as a ghost.

Abby is a fun-loving teen girl
Abby grew into a hip party girl with the damages her family received after her skateboarding brother Zack was struck by a car. She's now trying to join the Starlettes!

Dick Kulpa's Very First Comic Strip from 1975

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Short n Scary Stories
– Short n scary stories is the biggest collection of true and real scary, ghost, haunted and paranormal stories on the web written by famous authors from all over the world. Read and write short scary and ghost stories online here.

Monsters, Ghosts, Creatures, Zombies, Vampires - and Humor!

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Read these 'Back from the Dead' Ghost Story Club Classics - Now Online!

Each Box opens up a seven-day full color Ghost Story Club adventure

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Phantom Skateboarder

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Ghost Story Club Will BOO-oost Your Spirits

Before Harry Potter unleashed his magnificent fantasy upon an unsuspecting world, there was Ghost Story Club!

COMING SOON: "How NOT to draw the human figure."
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One of America's "wackiest" newspaper comic strips, Ghost Story Club haunted newspapers around the world from 1995-1998. Now — back by popular demand — are updated digitally remastered encore presentations of this delightfuly spooky, oft-hilarious and sometimes satirical feature! Witches, creatures, magic — and expecially ghosts — appeared on comics pages from New York City to Freeport, Illinois to Hong Kong way back when J.K. Rowling was probably still telling bedtime stories.

Fright Kite Promo BoxNOW SHOWING: "The Fright Kite: When Good Kites Go Bad." Need I say any more about this story?

Every Day was Halloween for the Ghost Story Club

The daily newspaper comic strip Ghost Story Club was drawn by Dick 'Captain Cartoon' Kulpa and written by world-renowned ghost stories author Allan Zullo.This skull has ghost stories to tell
Originally conceived as a "teach kids to read" feature, GSC aimed for eight-year-olds and up.
Distributed by Tribune Media Services, Inc., (TMS), the horror-humor-fantasy feature appeared daily and Sundays in newspapers around the world, including the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, New York Daily News, Minneapolist Star-Tribune and others.
GSC was an actual interactive "club", and thousands of young readers signed up for free memberships, receiving free premiums and a monthly Ghost Story Club newsletter.
GSC also boasted its own interactive website, one of the Web's first.
GSC pioneered a number of other "firsts," including 7-day stories and
photoshop image enhancement.

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